Movies Watched in 2013:

25.) In the Name of the Father, 1993, dir. by Jim Sheridan — 9/10

This movie absolutely destroyed me. It is one of the most powerful stories one could ever witness in a film, and it’s true. It’s enraging, heartbreaking, and filled with two of the greatest performances in the history of the medium. Daniel Day-Lewis was robbed when Tom Hanks took home the Oscar for Philadelphia in 1994, of that there is no question. Even more frustrating was Tommy Lee Jones winning the Best Supporting Actor award (for a film as hopelessly mediocre as The Fugitive, no less) over Pete Postlethwaite, who gives a simply immense performance. Postlethwaite is one of very few men who ever lived capable of stealing a movie away from Day-Lewis, but he absolutely did here. I miss Pete an incredible amount. He was one of my favorite actors, and anyone who has seen this cannot deny the incredible talent he possessed. This is an amazing film, and I struggle to imagine it leaving anyone with a dry eye.

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