Movies Watched in 2013:

133.) My Bloody Valentine, 2009, dir. by Patrick Lussier — 4/10

One in an endless series of remakes of 1980’s horror films that weren’t very good in the first place, Patrick Lussier’s My Bloody Valentine is a slight improvement on the original that at times manages to be a competent slasher film but is still absolutely meaningless and no where near worth sitting through for an hour and forty minutes of. I’m not really sure why I own it other than it was cheap and some of the kills are unique and kind of cool. The only actors in the whole thing who seem to care are unfortunately the bad ones, and some of the more talented people don’t even bother to phone it in, instead opting to telegraph it in. Jensen Ackles comes off the worst, giving a performance that even diehard Supernatural fangirls will have to admit is laughable. He simply didn’t give a shit, and it shows. If it weren’t for Lussier’s follow-up film, the very fun Drive Angry, I’d have to say the man is devoid of what it takes to make a good movie. Counting that one, though, Lussier is 1 for 7… so, somewhere deep down, he’s got a bit of talent.

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