Movies Watched in 2013:

143.) Toy Story 3, 2010, dir. by Lee Unkrich — 9/10

Pixar shocked us all when they announced a third entry in the franchise a full 11 years after the second, but, my God, how lucky we are that they found one more story to tell of Andy’s toys. I say one more about Andy’s toys, of course, because the film leaves our beloved cowboy, space ranger, and their friends with a new owner, one who is allowing for some hilarious animated shorts (if you haven’t seen “Partysaurus Rex,” this won’t mean anything to you, but… WHAT UP FISHES?!), including Toy Story of Terror, which premieres October 16 on ABC! This capper to Toy Story trilogy involves Andy going away to college and the hilariously unique prison break story at Sunnyside Daycare, which, in a genius spin only the wizards at Pixar could have come up with, functions as a sort of retirement home for toys. A lot of typical, childish internet chatter has been made about the ending, when Andy hands over his toys to Bonnie and plays with them one last time, but anyone who has ever loved a toy can tell you that parting with them, no matter your age or how long it’s been since you played with them, is an emotional moment and many of us did in fact play with them one last time. The final 15 minutes of this film are shockingly heart-wrenching, and the incinerator scene induced more tears in theaters than did the opening of Up. That, ladies and gents, is truly saying something. It might not hit the perfect balance of comedy and drama that the second film did, and it might not be as original as the first, but Toy Story 3 is an astounding achievement nonetheless, and its jaw-droppingly gorgeous animation was a big leap forward for Pixar at the time. This was a great end to a great trilogy, and I’m counting down the days until Toy Story of Terror with childlike excitement…. and I’m proud to admit that.

P.S.: Michael Arndt, the brilliant screenwriter who tackled this script, is the world’s biggest Star Wars fan, and he is responsible for the script to J.J. Abrams’ upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII, so get excited! And director Lee Unkrich runs one of the best Tumblr blogs around, The Overlook Hotelwhich is all about Stanley Kubrick’s classic The Shining, obviously. Unkrich edited the original Toy Story, so if any of you noticed that Sid’s house had the famous carpet from The Shining, well…

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