Movies Watched in 2013:

149.) Cloverfield, 2008, dir. by Matt Reeves — 6.5/10

After a year of mysteries, Matt Reeves and co-conspirator J.J. Abrams finally revealed the truth behind Cloverfield to the world in January of 2008, and it to this day stands as one of the best theatrical experiences I’ve ever had. The movie is filled with fantastic special effects, some smart usage of the usually poorly-done found footage style, and, though some of the actors have gone on to make names for themselves, it felt “real” enough in that first viewing. It’s strange that this was the first big-budget found footage movie and also the last, but I suppose it makes sense. The only way to do another one would be to do it in a way that’s derivative of this. The Abrams haters will tell you this is a nausea-inducing mess, but, then again, who the hell cares what they think? It will never live up to that first theatrical experience that so many of us fondly remember, but it’s still a pretty killer way to spend 80 minutes.

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